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Guaranteed Top 3 Ranking
With our paid placement program, we can guarantee a top 3 position on the 1st page of any major search engine including YAHOO, GOOGLE, AOL, and MSN Live. These search engines cover more than 90% of all searches done on the Web.

"To begin with, before WPG wrote any code for my new web site they asked me detailed questions to get an accurate idea of the direction of my private practice and my outcome expectations. The result looked better than I had envisioned, but also contained all of the invisible optimization code and details so important for position in the search engines. My traffic has tripled in the past 6 months and continues to grow."

Mark Power, M.A. CCC
Power Stuttering Center


We combine major search engine components and involve 5 services in our search engine marketing program:

1. Organic listings which are obtained through search engine optimization of your web pages and site for a specific term or terms. The successful results are pages that are fully prepared, structured or "optimized" for the search engines.

2. Pay-Per-Click search engines which results from how much you are willing to pay for each search term link clicked.

We provide both simple plans for those with smaller budgets, and larger comprehensive marketing strategy plans suitable to larger budgeted companies and firms.

We will place your business in the top 3 rankings in the major search engine reaching over 90% of searching traffic!

Five Key Areas of Our Program Include:

Advanced Search Engine Optimization
We use our advanced search engine optimization services to optimize and structure each Web page and site for the search engine indexing agents. Complete description of our Search Engine Optimization services

Managed Pay-Per-Click Campaign
We can manage your Pay-Per-Click campaign by implementing the right strategy customized for your business growth:

  • Guaranteed placement on top of search engine results
  • Be seen by 90% of Web traffic
  • Extensive review of your business marketing direction
  • Campaigns can be set up very quickly
  • Research & review the top keywords and phrases for Your business and industry
  • Research Your competition's strengths & weaknesses
  • Plan & execute the bidding process and budget controls
  • Pay only for targeted traffic to your site
Our recommended pay-per-click programs include:
  • Yahoo
  • FindWhat
  • LookSmart
  • Kanoodle
  • Ah-ha
  • Google Adwords

Paid Inclusion
Your website is guaranteed placement. We guide you to the most important search engines and directories to have your business listing(s) placed. Your website is quickly (24-72 hours) reviewed and listed in all of the major search engines. Google as of yet, does not offer paid listings.
Putting your site in a paid listing search engine or directory, allows you fast results. Adjustment made to the website are picked-up quickly by the search engine indexing spiders and returned in the results, usually in 24-72 hours.

Our recommended paid inclusion programs include:
  • Yahoo
    Large database is used to aid and back up listings in many top search engines, portals, and directories such as MSN Live, HotBot, Yahoo,, Excite.
  • Fast
    The second largest database on searchable listings, also provides for AllTheWeb, Lycos, DogPile, Webcrawler and more.
  • Ask Jeeves
    Provides for a large group including: Ask, Teoma, Metacrawler, Excite, ixquick, Mamma, Hotbot and more.
  • AltaVista
    The 5th largest search engine database.

Link Popularity Programs
We Research Suitable Reciprocal Links
Provide the Proper Requests of Linking Partners
Guidance on How to Choose the Proper and Most Beneficial Partner website

Search Engine Submissions
We submit your website and all associated site information the major search engine and directories. We include search engine ranking reports to see where your current ranking is and where you need to be in the search results.

Website optimization review and ranking advice before submission.

Following the web design project, hand submission to the top search engine and directories including Yahoo, Open Directory, Google, Altavista, MSN Live, Askjeeves, Alltheweb, AOL, Alexa, iWon, Hotbot, Fast, Teoma and Netscape.

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