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Major Search Engines

The Major Search Engines to Place Your Law Firm

Whether you're searching for information or more site traffic, the most popular search engine are key to your law firm web sites success. More site traffic through search engine optimization and search engine marketing, is what each of these search engines will deliver when your website is properly optimized and prepared.

AOL Search
Powered by Google, AOL provides search engine services to both members and the public. AOL contains large sections for its members and a huge ISP membership.

Ask delivers search results based on your questions. Ask initially gained fame in 1998 and 1999 as being the "natural language" search engine that let you search by asking questions and responded with what seemed to be the right answer to everything.

Google is the top choice for persons searching the web. It offers the largest collection of web pages of any crawler-based search engine.

Google uses link analysis as a primary way to rank these pages. The crawler-based service provides both comprehensive coverage of the web along with great relevancy. Google powers AOL and Netscape Search.

MSN Live Search
Microsoft is known for constantly reworking its software products until they get them right, and MSN Live Search is a great example of the company putting that same effort into an online product. MSN Live Search provides a blend of human-powered directory information and crawler coverage from Yahoo.

Open Directory
The large Open Directory uses volunteer editors to catalog the web. Netscape-owner AOL also uses Open Directory information, as does Google.

A search directory, Yahoo is the most popular portal with numerous features. Yahoo provides the benefits of deep searching and extensive directory listings.

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popular search engines and web design
popular search engines and web design
popular search engines and web design
popular search engines and web design
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