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We'll get you started with a new ecommerce website today. From selecting a credit card merchant, to the proper database, web hosting and website design, we'll produce an ecommerce site that leads to success.

  • Web Site Management
  • Order Processing
  • Product Catalog and Inventory Management
  • Statistics
  • Merchandising
  • Site Security

Custom E-Commerce Web Development

We design each custom ecommerce catalog so your products are presented in the most beneficial fashion. The product catalog is the first ecommerce function the customer sees. It provides customers and visitors with the interface and presentation of your products for sale and purchase. Your catalog will be easy to browse, search and choose from. We’ll make it easy for your customers and visitors to find and select specific products quickly.

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Getting Started with an Online Business

Getting an Internet Merchant Bank Account
Web Hosting
Obtaining a Digital Certificate
Select a Provider of Online Transactions
Creating Your Shopping Cart Program

When your customer finds the product they’re looking for, they simply add it to their online shopping cart and they’re ready to purchase or continue they’re shopping.

Online Shopping Features

It’s important to offer the features that drive your ecommerce business. These ecommerce and merchant features include:

  • Offering specials or discounts
  • Customers can recommend your products automatically
  • Product reviews written by satisfied customers
  • Easy tax calculations
  • Multiple shipping options from all the well know carriers
  • Payment options from the most trusted companies
  • Product searching so customers can locate the right product or service
  • Present the top sellers automatically
  • Language options

We make it easy to run a business online and sell your products and services.

Los Angeles ecommerce websites, Orange County ecommerce websites, San Diego ecommerce websites.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts provide your customers with a temporary hold center for the products they have chosen to purchase. The carts keep a record of each of the products that the visitor has selected to purchase. We integrate your shopping cart to work seamlessly with the customer. After the customer has finished collecting all the products or services they wish to purchase, it’s time to proceed to the check out.

Customer Checkout

The ecommerce process of checkout and accepting payments is the final step for your online customer. This should be as easy as possible for your customers as confusion will lead to cart abandonment. We make sure your site’s usability, function and design all work together for an “easy checkout”.

Accepting Payments Online

We arrange for your ability to accept credit card transactions. We place you with a merchant account that acts as a liaison between your bank and your customer's credit card or other form of payment. This is an invisible transaction that is handled electronically. The merchant company will verify the credit cards and accept payment for you. Accepting credit cards has never been easier.

Order Fulfillment and Tracking

Fulfilling the order is a seamless process. You simply receive a email notice that a sale has been made and your distributor can receive a notice as well. With the customers payment in your bank account, your product is shipped out. Inventory tracking, custom notices and customer newsletters keep you connected and ready for business. And to keep your customers up to date, they can receive email, regular mail online invoices.

E-commerce Web Store Design Industries

The best ecommerce web design involves effective integration and delivery of well-targeted content, functionality, visuals, sound and technology drive a successful user experience.

Your ecommerce merchant design project site must provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible. The most important factor of a great site is the content. The information you provide your readers must be both valuable and timely.

Ecommerce Designs for Successful Online Merchant Businesses

If you are interested in having a web site design by Clear Grid, we will put together mockup copies of your web design project site and discuss various options and ideas to make it unique and set it apart from the others in the same field. When you decide to go with one of those options, not only can we put the site up on the Internet but also maintain the site.

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The Best in Store Web Design

Be Attractive, Usable & Clean
A clean, uncluttered and attractive web design is the foundation of any successful e-commerce web site. A busy and image heavy site distracts and gets in the way of the users intention of collecting information. Whether we design using Flash Animation, Dynamic HTML , XHTML or XML, the delivery of information on the Internet is still all about the ability of fast delivery and scanable copy and messages. Never be different for the sake of being different and without purpose.

E-commerce merchant design by the Web Pros

Present products in their best light with unlimited subcategories and attributes, suggested selling, flexible promotions, coupons and more
› Offer online shoppers a rich experience that includes address book, multiple ship-to addresses, gift wrapping, and wish list features combined with an easy and powerful check-out process including real-time rates from major shippers
› Manage the back-office with merchant account and payment gateway integration, inventory management and backorder capabilities, download delivery of soft goods, shipment tracking and QuickBooks integration

Included Shopping Cart Setup Services:
Professional, custom web store design
Store configuration and product setup
Training and assistance from your personal e-business consultant

Shopping cart software works like this: You enter the items you have for sale on your site using the inventory feature of the software package. When a person comes to your site the can browse your site and select items they want to purchase. The software tracks the user’s session (usually using a cookie) and keeps track of all items that were selected from your inventory. When the person has selected all of the items they wish to buy, they enter the checkout process. The shopping cart software usually handles all aspects of the checkout transaction including creating the invoice, calculating the total charge and handling the credit card transaction.


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